In this article, we'll learn about what a Workspace Partner is and how to invite users to them as well. Workspace Partners are a way for Agencies to add their clients to the PINATA platform in case they are not fully signed up themselves! This allows Agencies to give their clients access to the reporting collected using PINATA without giving them access to their organization.

Let's discuss how to create a Workspace Partner now.

  1. Login at

  2. Select Settings in the top right hand corner

  3. Select Workspaces on the left hand side

  4. Select the "Create" button

  5. Type in the name of your new client

  6. Select any programs you wish to grant them access too - Pro Tip: This may be 0 to begin with as you'll need to make a Workspace partner first of all in order to be able to create programs for them

  7. Create a Program and add them as the Workspace partner.

Watch the video below to see how:

See here how to invite your clients to their workspace as well:

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