In this article, we will be covering how to create a new program. As a reminder, a program is a collection of gigs to help keep you organized. It allows you to set some high-level parameters to help you create gigs faster. Let's get to it!

Here are the steps to create a new program:

  1. Select the programs dropdown at the top of your view.

  2. Click Start Here at the bottom of the dropdown to begin a new program.

  3. You will see the option to Start From Scratch or Copy From Existing Program. Select Copy From Existing Program if the program details are similar to an existing program

  1. Fill out your program details and click Start Program/Share with PINATA. Here are the program details:

  • Overview - Enter the program name (This is a required field).

    • Additional optional fields include a brief description, the states you’ll be operating in, and program groups [contact your account manager if you would like program groups turned on for your organization].

  • Activities - Select the relevant reporting roles for this program (This section is required).

    • Customize Activities - Enter any specific requirements the talent needs to meet for this program. This sets standard attire & responsibilities across all gigs within that program.

  • Products - Select the products for this program or add new ones. (This section is required). Pro tip: you can manage your product-specific training documents as well. Click here for more

  • My Partners: Select the partners you'd like on this program as well as their Rate per Activity/Role (This section is required).

    • Program Partner: Partners with this permission see ALL gigs within the program, regardless of who is chosen as Task Manager.

    • Task Partner: Partners with this permission are chosen PER GIG and only see the gigs assigned to them. They will not see other Partners in the program or gigs assigned to different Task Partners.

    • NOTE: Partners can invite THEIR OWN partners into the program as additional external staffing providers. Program Owners do not need to manage on their behalf! **Only Admins/Managers/Owners have the ability to add new partners. Members and Limited Users do not.

  • Program Logistics - If you're sending any special items for this program. Enter how they will get there. 

  • End-User Education - Upload or select any relevant training materials.

  • Sharing & Notifications - Select who will be working on this program and who will receiving notifications.

  • Billing (If you're working with an Agency) - Enter a billing contact. 

Pro Tip: Only the products & activities selected will be available when creating a gig. Don't worry if you missed one, you can edit programs to fit what you need after they've been created!

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