What is a Deadline Task?

Let's discuss what a Deadline Task is.

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In this article, we're going to be discussing what a deadline task is. A deadline task is a new way to schedule a task. Deadline tasks are great for tasks that need to be completed but don't necessarily need a specific time slot to do them. This gives you and your team more flexibility when creating tasks. When you create a deadline task, users can check in anytime before the deadline arrives. If you need the create a task article please click here.

Some good use cases for deadline tasks would be:

  • Merchandising

  • Everyday Tasks

  • Account Visits

  • Deliveries and Pickups

Pro Tip: Deadline tasks do not have a specific Start Time so notifications work slightly differently compared to normal tasks. The assigned user will receive a notification when they're assigned & when the deadline is less than 1 week away

Let's take a look at the information you'll need to fill out when creating a deadline task. See below:

Window Start

This will default to the program start date if you have one, otherwise, you can set this to any date you wish.

Window End

This is the Deadline part of the Deadline Task. Enter the final date you wish for this task to be completed.

Start Time

This is locked off during creation. Deadline tasks can be completed anytime before the deadline. However, when a user checks in to complete a task the start time will be added at that moment, so you can still track when a task was completed.


If a task is a deadline task you can still set the duration of how long you think the user should spend completing this task or event.

Pro Tip: Once you've created a deadline task, it will appear as any other task in the dashboard as seen below. You'll notice a slight difference where the date section says "By MM/DD/YYYY". That's how you can easily tell. As seen here:

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