Understanding Invoicing Statuses

Let's discuss what each invoice status means!

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See the different invoicing statuses below. Each time an invoice status is updated, the user who performed the update will have the option to add any notes needed.

  • Draft: In-progress. This invoice is either missing information or has not been sent to the client yet.

  • Draft (Rejected): The client/payer has not approved the gigs and expenses outlined in the invoice and rejected it, which returns it to a draft-like status to make changes.

  • Draft (Retracted): A sent invoice has been recalled by the agency/payee. This will turn the invoice into a draft again and edits can be made.

  • Finalized: The agency has marked this invoice as ready to send to the client. This invoice has not been sent to the client yet.

  • Payer Reviewing: Sent to the client's billing contact.

  • Approved: The client has approved the gigs and expenses outlined in the invoice.

  • Processing: In the process of being sent. This takes up to a minute or so to generate. Remember to refresh your page to get the latest changes!

  • Payment Processed: The client has marked the invoice as paid.

  • Payment Received: The agency has marked the invoice as having received payment from the client.

  • Void: This invoice has been voided by the agency.

  • Processing Error: Some of the gigs included in your invoice may have no date/time. Please double check all gigs in the invoice have a date/time/duration in order for it to process and calculate accurately. Select the retract icon to return the invoice to Draft.

Pro Tip: You can see the status history of an invoice by selecting "Show more history" at the top of your view within the invoice. Invoices prior to 2/18/22 will not have the ability to show status history.

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