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Let's discuss what you'll see on the Reports tab and what each dashboard means!

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The Reports tab contains all of your aggregated reporting data entered by you + your team within the Gigs tab. All verified gig data will appear in this tab. Each reporting dashboard allows you to unlock insights and spot trends.

You can utilize filters to drill down into various metrics. Filter by date range, product, talent etc. Additionally, you can download each page as a PDF or download any of the individual charts as an image of CSV file. Click here to learn more about how to interact with your data!

Below is a summary of each reporting dashboard. Keep in mind you will only see reports relevant to your subscription type.


These reports will give you a high-level summary of your PINATA activity across time. Adjust the timing filter if you need to!


The Sales report will be your go-to for retail gigs. Track your sales conversions by product, location, or individual gig.


The Samples report will help you track your sample numbers from special events, trade shows, and on-premise gigs.


The Pricing report tracks how your product is being priced across different accounts. You can compare the min, max and average price per product.


All photos in one report! The Photos report gives you access to all images captured within your individual gig recaps, if photo questions are asked. You can download or share a link with your team by clicking the photo's preview. Download any of the images as well by clicking Select!


The Time report shows you average hourly metrics. Learn how scheduling gigs at the right time can increase your ROI. Each chart shows how gig timing can impact customer engagement across samples, sales, and interactions.


The Feedback report collects all consumer comments from the field. Learn what your customers are saying about your brand and products during gigs. If you manage your own talent within PINATA, you will also see manager feedback within this report.


The Data report shows you all data from your finished individual reports. This section holds all data points in one place. This report is best viewed by downloading it as a CSV/spreadsheet not a PDF. This report automatically filters to a 14 day date range. You can adjust the date range within the report's filters.


If you have Admin user permissions, you will have access to your organizations resources. The Resources report will include tables for your saved locations, user roster, reporting questions, and saved products.

Internal Ops

If you staff your own gigs, the Internal Ops report can act as your command center for your roster. You will be able to see all of the tables pictured below. You can even view a map to confirm you have talent close to your saved accounts!

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