The Reports tab contains all of your field report data. The dashboards allow you to unlock insights and spot trends across your gigs. Each tab within Reports highlights different key questions that the talent was asked on their field reports. Below is a summary of each tab.

Pro-tip: You will only see the tabs applicable to you based on your activity in the field.


The Overview tab gives you a high-level summary of your PINATA activity.


The Sales tab gives you insight into your top-performing products by total sales, samples, and conversion rates.


The Pricing tab gives you insight into how your product's pricing varies across different locations. 


The Photos tab gives you access to all images captured at the gig. You can download any of the images as well by clicking Select.


The Time tab shows you average hourly metrics by start time and weekday. Learn how scheduling gigs at the right time can increase your ROI. Each chart shows how gig timing can impact customer engagement. 


The Feedback tab collects all consumer comments from the field. Learn what your customers are saying about your brand and products during gigs.


The Data tab gives you all field report raw data. This section holds all field report answers in one place. You can download this report into a spreadsheet to collect all raw data.

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