In this article, we will cover how you can interact with your field report data on PINATA including filtering, downloading, and gathering more information across the Reports and Financials tab.


At the top of each tab, you will see certain criteria that you can use to filter the corresponding data. These can vary depending on the tab, see an example of the Overview tab below.

Simply click the filters you want, then select apply. The data you now see will reflect the filters that have been chosen.

Pro Tip: If you have selected an individual program at the top of the dashboard, all reports will be filtered to only look at the data for that program.

Download Data

You can also download reports, specific tables, or the data from the tables, as shown here:

More Information

Each tab will have help text at the top to share a brief overview of the dashboard. Hover over the (i) on the top left of any chart to read more details about the specific chart. You can also hover over chart images to quickly get information, as shown here:

Check out the video below, where we demonstrate the following:

  1. We want to see gigs from Q1

  2. For all locations

  3. For the Beauty Retail Sample Role

  4. For Talent Nicole L.

  5. Let's download our result too!

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