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GoGetter: How to Complete a Task's Report
GoGetter: How to Complete a Task's Report

Let's discuss how to complete a task on PINATA.

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In this article, we will cover how to complete a task that you've been assigned to on PINATA. If you're currently at a task and have run into any issue please review this article for help. 

Here are the steps for completing a task:

  1. Login to your account through

  2. Select Work at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Select the task you're about to work in Ready.

  4. Follow prompts to check-in (make sure location services are enabled on your device) when you arrive at the task location.

  5. Review all report questions so you can provide answers upon task completion. Note what pictures are requested (you can upload straight from your device onto PINATA).

  6. Fill out the report on PINATA once the task is complete. Each section of the report will turn green as you complete it.

  7. Follow prompts to check-out once you are finished!

  8. Submit the report (note, your manager will review and verify all submissions).

Task Report Best Practices:

  • If there are any object attachments, you will see them within each object report section. Check out the below screenshot!

  • You can also check-in through the link sent to you via text and email 30 minutes prior to the task. To stop receiving SMS reminders with a check-in link, reply ‘STOP’ to any text message.

  • Make sure you have reception/cell service when you check-in. Once you have clicked the link or check-in button, your browser will ask you to share your location - say yes! This ensures you are in the right spot before you get started. If you do not share your location, your employer will see inaccurate information regarding your distance from the recorded task location.

Check out the video below, where we demonstrate the steps above:

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