The Financials section of your dashboard gives you insight into how your spend is being utilized. It's important to note that this is not an invoicing feature.


In the Summary section, you will see all gigs & details (based on the filters you select) as well as your hourly rate, expenses, and total spend. As shown here:

Budget (not applicable for agencies)

The Budget Tracker will show you the budget you set on your PINATA program and compare it to your spend. This will help guide you on how many gigs you have booked, what you have coming up, and where you are within your budget. As shown here:

Pro Tip: If you use your own internal team in some markets and a staffing agency in others, you'll have two budget reports. One titled internal and one titled external.


The Finished section gives you a detailed view of all completed gigs. You can view location details, talent, duration, spend & expense receipts. As seen here:

Talent Payroll (only applicable if you are managing talent)

The Talent Payroll will show you your financials tab data aggregated by each team member who has worked a gig! You can use it as a timesheet as you pay your talent. As seen here:

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