How to use Program Groups

Let's discuss how to organize programs into groups on your dashboard

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In this article, we will be discussing how to create Program groups. This will help you keep your organization organized, assign team members to the relevant programs easily and more! Creating them is very simple so let's cover that now.

Pro Tip: To create program groups you'll need to be an Administrator or Owner and have this feature turned on.

Here are the steps to create a program group:

  1. Click Settings in the top right hand corner.

  2. Select Program Groups on the left hand side.

  3. Select Add.

  4. Name your program group.

  5. Select the programs you wish to be added and click Save Selections.

  6. Click Create.

That's it, the program group has been created! You can now use it to filter your dashboard, invite team members to all of those programs easily! Check out the video below where I create a program group and invite a team member to it.

Pro Tip: You can add programs to more than 1 program group! This will allow you to mix and match how you want to organize your programs. E.g. A program group only containing 1 product or a program group containing multiple products but only for one region!

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