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How to use the Photo Slide Generator
How to use the Photo Slide Generator

Check out this article, if you make presentations/decks that use your photos from PINATA

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In this article, we will show you how to use PINATA's Photo Slide Generator. This feature connects with your Google Slides account to automatically create slides from the data within your Photos report. No more copy + pasting or uploading photos into your presentations. Just filter your PINATA Photo report and generate a perfect photo presentation in seconds!

If you currently do not have this feature, contact us to add it to your subscription.

  1. First navigate to the Photos report. This report can be found in your Reports tab that is next to the Tasks tab at the top of your dashboard. Use the drop down in the Reports tab to select Photos.

  2. In the Photos report, apply any filters - such as a Date Range.

  3. After applying your filters, click Generate Photo Slides. The maximum amount of photos you can generate slides for is 500* photos/deck.

  4. Google Slides will open and you will have an automatically made presentation! Below are examples of a generated presentation. One example is the standard template. The second example is a custom branded example. If you would like to add custom branding and coloring, let us know!

    On the right side of each photo slide you will see dynamic photo data that contains the what, where, + when of the photo.

    The generated presentation also allows for any edits you need to make using all of Google Slides features + tools. You can delete slides, change content, modify styles, share a link, and download your presentation as multiple files types (ex. PowerPoint, PDF). Click HERE to learn more about using Google Slides.

Standard Template

VS Branded Template

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