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GoGetter: What kind of help do you need?
GoGetter: What kind of help do you need?

If you are a Gogetter assigned on a task (such as a brand ambassador), learn who to contact to get you the right kind of help. avatar
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You may occasionally require assistance, encounter technical difficulties, or have a question about the work you're doing. PINATA strives to provide a smooth and seamless experience for both you and your manager while your company uses the PINATA platform. To help you get answers in these instances, we suggest the following steps when seeking help:

Step 1: Contact Your Employer (Who Staffed You)

Your first point of contact should always be your employer. Given their familiarity with the specific ways in which they use the PINATA platform, they are often best equipped to provide immediate guidance and resolve any non-technical issues you may be facing.

Some common FAQs your employer can help answer are:

  • When is the expected time frame for receiving payment for the work I have completed?

  • Can you provide information about when you will be sending me the necessary tax documents?

  • I am eager to begin, so could you let me know when I can expect to be assigned my first task?

  • I had applied for a specific task, but I was not assigned to it. Could you explain why this might have happened?

  • I noticed there aren't tasks available in my area. Do you have an estimate for when new tasks will become available here?

  • I have a friend who is also interested in the opportunities your company provides. Would it be possible for them to apply for a position as well?

  • I want to add a new company to my dropdown - how do I do that? (You must be invited)

Only your manager or the person who staffed you on a given task can answer these questions. PINATA Tech Support is unable to provide these kinds of details.

You can also review the guidance in the GoGetter Help Center HERE.

Step 2: Reach Out to PINATA Support

If your issue is technical and your employer is unable to assist, our dedicated Tech Support Team is here to help. Please send an email to with a detailed description of the problem you're encountering. The more specific you can be about the issue, the quicker we can identify the problem and work towards a solution.

When sending the email, remember to include:

  • Your name, account email address, & employer name.

  • A clear description of the issue.

  • Any error messages you may have received. Screenshots are always helpful!

  • Steps you've taken to try and resolve the issue.

  • What device you are using

This information helps us understand the situation better and speeds up the resolution process.

PINATA Tech Support aims to respond to all inquiries as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience as we work to assist you and resolve any issues that may arise. We're committed to supporting you and ensuring your experience with our platform is as productive and enjoyable as possible. Thank you!

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