How to Request Staffing Confirmation

Let's discuss how talent can confirm they can work an assigned task!

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In this article we will walk you through our Task Confirmation feature. This feature allows your team to confirm or reject their upcoming assignments to ensure work gets done. It will improve efficiency and communication between Managers and GoGetters. Task Confirmation aims to reduce no-shows and provides a structured way to sort by task status. If you are interested in adding this feature to your subscription, let us know!

Check out the below steps on how Task Confirmation functions in PINATA's Admin Dashboard:

  1. After you have created and assigned a task to a team member, you can request confirmation. You can complete this action in bulk or by each individual task.

    1. To request Task Confirmation in bulk, check off the tasks as shown in the screenshot below. Select Task Confirmation at the bottom of your view.

    2. To request Task Confirmation within an individual task, expand the task by clicking the blue magnifying glass. The option to request confirmation will be listed on the right under Confirmation Actions. Notice you will also be able to see Confirmation History. This will be a record of all Confirmation Actions.

  2. After requesting Task Confirmation, you will see the additional sub-status: Conf. Requested under Upcoming in the Status Bar.

    1. When you request Task Confirmation, talent is alerted by email. If they confirm you will see the task move to the sub-status: Confirmed. If they reject you will see the sub-status: Conf. Rejected.

To learn more about your GoGetter's experience with Task Confirmation go HERE!

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