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How to download an Invoice (or other Financial Data)
How to download an Invoice (or other Financial Data)

Downloading invoices as PDF or Excel or downloading Financial info into CSV avatar
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If you ever need to download an invoice to use offline and/or import data into another accounting tool (such as Quickbooks,, etc.) - you can do that easily!

After you’ve created an invoice, simply click the Download icon to the right of the Invoice action button (as shown below). From there, you can choose to download as a PDF or as a Spreadsheet (which separates the expenses into a summary tab, gigs tab, and invoice expense tab).

Additionally, you can also download financial information such as ‘Talent Financials’ by navigating to the FINANCIALS tab on your dashboard. From there (as with any report dashboard in FINANCIALS or REPORTS), you can hover over any table and hit ‘Download Data’ to download all results into a CSV.

This is another useful way to export data and upload into another system of your choice.

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