How to Mark a Task as Complete

Let's discuss how to close out a task after verifying it's report!

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In this article, we'll cover how to mark a task as complete. This can be helpful to move a verified tasks from Verified to Closed within your Finished tasks. Watch our quick video or follow the steps below!

  1. Select the Finished status in the status bar.

  2. Select the sub-status: Verified or Cancelled.

  3. Use the white checkboxes on the left side of each task to check off any task you want to mark as closed.

  4. Use the batch options that appear at the bottom of your view + click "Mark as Closed".

Alternatively, you can individually mark tasks as closed by expanding the task (click the magnifying glass on the right side of each task). Once the task is expanded, you will see the option to Mark as Closed on the right side of the task. See the screenshot below!

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