Final Verification Feature for Agencies

Let's discuss how to use final verification as the Agency of an invoice!

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In this article, you’ll learn about the final verification step prior to adding your gigs to an invoice. Final verification is an added feature turned on by your Client and allows them to confirm the gig should be added to an invoice.

Once you have verified the individual gig, you will see the gig move into the status, Awaiting Final Verification. The Client will then confirm or reject the submission. If verified, the gig can be added to an invoice. If a gig is rejected from the Final Verification, please connect with your BAM directly to review what needs adjustment for it to be verified.

When the Client confirms your submission, the gig will move to the Finished status where it can then be added to an invoice.

If your Client rejects the gig, it will appear under the status, Returned by Partner.

You will have to make the requested edits and resubmit the gig for Client confirmation.

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