How to Manage Partners on PINATA

Let's discuss all of the partners within a task on PINATA!

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In this article, you'll learn how each partner within a task plays their part towards success.

When you view a program under OVERVIEW (or create a new one), you are able to select partners/workspaces that you wish to share with.

The partners are as follows:

  • Program Owner: the company that is powering all of the tasks within a program. They have set the parameters for tasks to be scheduled by selecting their resources (e.g. activities, products, etc.).

  • Task Manager: the company that is responsible for the task's execution. They will staff the task with their internal team (or share with a another external staffing partner.)

  • For Power Agencies Only

    • Workspaces (of Power Agencies): Workspaces represent ‘clients’ of a full-service agency on PINATA. Power Agencies act as Program Owners and control all aspects of the program. Workspaces allow them to organize and give their clients the ability to create tasks, view reporting, etc. However, within Workspaces, there is no option to change a staffing partner. These partners are selectable when editing or creating programs under My Partners.

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