How to use Filters on Invoices

Let's discuss how to use filters on invoices!

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In this article, we'll demonstrate how to use filters within PINATA's invoicing tool. Filters are a powerful tool to navigate and search your invoices on PINATA. It is also important to understand the varying statuses of invoices here.

You can filter invoices using the tabs at the top of your view as well as within each column header both highlighted in the image below.

  1. Click the header of the column you want to apply a filter

  2. A popup window will allow you to define your search criteria

  3. Click apply to save the filter you have selected

  4. Once the filter is applied the list of invoices on the dashboard will show only invoices that meet your selected filters

Pro Tip: You can remove individual filters by clicking the "x" button at the top of the each column.

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