How to retract an Invoice

Let's discuss how to retract an Invoice

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In this article we will show you how to retract an invoice on PINATA. Invoices can only be edited if they are a "Draft" or "Finalized". Once an invoice status is "Payer Reviewing" it can no longer be edited. To make a "Payer Reviewing" invoice a "Draft" or "Finalized" invoice once more, you'll simply need to retract the invoice.

Here are the steps to retracting an invoice.

  1. Select Settings in the top right

  2. Select Invoices

  3. Find the relevant invoice. Pro Tip: Only "Payer Reviewing" Invoices can be retracted.

  4. Select the 3 dots on the right hand side

  5. Select "Retract"

You can now make any necessary edits to the invoice! Check out this article here if you need help editing an invoice.

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