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Let's discuss application statuses after you have applied to a task on PINATA.

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In this article, you'll learn how to tell the status of your application after you have applied to a task on PINATA. If you are looking for how to apply to a task go here.

Here are the steps and statuses:

  1. Go to Apply.

  2. Select Applications.

  3. Below are the statuses you will see:

    • Open - tasks available to apply for within Open Offers.

    • Applied - tasks you’ve applied for.

    • Waitlisted - tasks you’ve applied for, did not get assigned, but may be chosen as a backup.

    • Cancelled - shown if you were assigned but the task is cancelled, it still appears under Finished for reference.

  4. If your application is chosen, you will receive a confirmation email and the task will move into your Work section.

Pro-tip: You can re-apply to a task incase you withdraw but change your mind.

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