In this article, we're going to show you how to make your activities appear in the Go Portal. When creating or editing a program, you'll need to indicate which activities you want your team to be able to request (or self-scheduled). Let's show you how!

When deciding which activities should be visible on the Go Portal, remember:

  • Requesters
    These users can access to submit requests for gigs. They are not able to pick a date/time, nor are they able to assign it to anyone — that’s where you come in. This is a great way to reduce one-off requests via email and have these gigs go straight into your dashboard!

  • Self-Schedulers
    These users can create their own gigs assigned to themselves, to check-in and complete reporting. The self-scheduling ability is great for employees who manage their own gigs and complete work autonomously.

How to Add an Activity to the Go Portal:

  1. Either create or edit an existing program

  2. Head to the section named "Customize Activities"

  3. Select the checkboxes to allow an activity to be requested or self-scheduled via the PINATA Go Portal.

    1. NOTE: this can be adjusted per program. Moreover, you must also add any/all users who Can Request or Can Self-Schedule in order for them to be able to access these activities. If you don’t add them to the program (or give them the proper permissions), they will not be able to request/schedule this activity.

  4. Select Save & Continue

Let's see that in action here by creating a new program!

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