It’s safe to say the pandemic significantly impacted the field marketing industry. Meaning it shut it down almost completely. Most if not all consumer brands were left scrambling to find innovative ways to spread tangible brand awareness to their consumers. Still, staffing agencies had to become even more creative to keep their clients and talent engaged while having little to no control. Thankfully the merry-go-round has started to slow, and we start the chargeback to the field!

Staffing agencies and field management teams have been waiting in the wings to get the green light to re-engage their talent. Their #1 concern is the status of their team. Who on my team is ready, willing, and local? Not to mention trained and experienced.

PINATA has you covered. Our full suite of field team management tools will equip your management teams with everything they need to find the best fit from your roster for the gig with minimal headaches. So don’t be thrown by the shift back to activity - hit the ground running with a team to support the demand.

Take a page out of our playbook with three steps to take back the field with ease.

“The #1 problem I hear is juggling talent management over multiple platforms is a huge time suck. Agencies and self-managed teams are looking for one solution to solve their talent management and communication headaches.”

— Emily Lever, Partnership Strategy + Experience Manager

Step 1: Wrangle your roster

Now that the US is moving back to in-person work, it’s time to dust off your roster and organize your team. Check in with your team and see where they are and what they are open to doing. Invite new team members to your roster.

Create custom tags to organize your team into groups for easy searching - such as types of events, skills, and specialties. Ensure your team has updated their PINATA talent profiles - with their availability, location, profile details, and required documentation.

Your internal management team can start to assign tags to your team in bulk or individually as needed. You can also store internal notes and pay rates visible only to your management team.

Step 2: Cast your net

Narrowing down who is best suited for your gig can be time-consuming for one event - but multiple forget it - it’s a full-time job on top of many other responsibilities. Wouldn’t be nice if you could see who is best suited for your events by your custom tags and their proximity to the gig. Well, all that organizing you did just paid off, my friend!

You can use PINATA sharing settings to open gigs to your roster - you can make the criteria as specific as you want to cast a wide or a narrow net. All team members that meet that specified criteria will be notified by email that a new gig has been posted. You can also share a gig with specific team members directly via email. Once you open or share the gig - watch as the suitable applications roll in.


Step 3: Schedule with ease

With applications and availability at your fingertips, you can see who has applied, their proximity to the gig, and their availability making it simple to choose who to assign. When your team applies they can submit a note with questions or comments about the posting. An applicant you wish to schedule has a conflict? No problem there; you can see the conflict and make any necessary adjustments, such as adjust the times of the conflicting event so they can work both or re-assign that gig to another team member.

Bonus points for a backup plan: Things happen, and schedules change - now you can share staffed gigs for other team members to a waitlist, ensuring you always have options when unexpected hurdles appear.

Let us know what else PINATA can do to help you meet the demands of today and set the expectation for excellence tomorrow.

PINATA is here to help teams tackle the tasks at hand without losing sight of the big picture. It’s our mission to provide you and your team with the tools to create an easy, efficient, and data-driven workflow.

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