In this article, we'll show you how to brand PINATA to your company. This means when you invite users & partners they'll have a more personalized experience when signing up on PINATA.

Here are the steps to brand the PINATA portal to your company:

  1. Select Settings in the top right hand of the page

  2. Select My Company

  3. Select Portal Branding on the left hand side

  4. Select a logo to upload (We recommend a transparent square .png file that is at least 300x300 pixels.)

  5. Select a Background Image to upload (Use a .jpg or .png file that is at least 1280x800 pixels.)

  6. Select a Custom Color (We recommend darker colors for legibility. You can find Hex Codes here.)

  7. Select Save

  8. Select Show Preview to view your images & colors

Check out this video below to see how it's done:

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