IT: How to Whitelist PINATA

Ensure PINATA emails make it to your inbox instead of your Spam folder. We'll also detail how to login and access PINATA.

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In this article, we will show you the steps that will ensure that your users have access to the PINATA platform and receive real-time email notifications from PINATA. We recommend sharing this article with your IT department or making these changes for your users.


PINATA is entirely web-based (no download needed)

    • This is the primary web portal for power users who manage tasks, administer users, configure settings, and analyze data


    • This is the web portal for end users who perform tasks in the field and complete reports.

  • PINATA offers varying permission levels and roles to dictate who level of access


  • PINATA's Go Portal is accessible via passwordless-login (magic-link) that sends temporary sign in links directly to the user's email. The Dashboard offers a email+password combination for power users. Learn more here

  • Users cannot change their emails and must be invited to PINATA -- your administrators are in control of who can access PINATA at any time.


  • * (wildcard to include subdomains such as,,,, etc. PINATA may add future subdomains.)


  • Whitelist all emails (specifically: and for automated emails; is our primary support line)

  • Whitelist our dedicated email IP address of

    • Emails are mailed-by

    • All platform transactional emails are delivered through our SMTP provider SendGrid

    • SMS reminders are powered by Twilio SMS

  • Enable embedded URLs/links in emails. We provide customized links via email such as password reset tokens, smart-logins, and other tailored destinations. All embedded links go to PINATA domains.

  • Users have the ability to opt-out or unsubscribe from different notifications as they see fit


  • All current versions of evergreen/responsive browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Brave, and Edge

  • Legacy browsers, such as IE 10 or IE 11 are NOT supported.

Here are some guides to mark our messages as safe in your personal inbox as well:

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