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How to View an Individual Task Report
How to View an Individual Task Report

Let's discuss how to view individual task reports!

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In this article, we'll show you how to access an individual task report. If you work with a staffing partner, the task's report data will not be visible until they verify it.

  1. Click the Finished section within the status bar.

  2. Click the blue magnifying glass of the task report you wish to view.

  3. Expand the Report section within the task.

  4. If needed, expand the Billing section to review any billing information.

Check out the video below to see us follow the above steps!

Viewing tasks that are not yet verified

If you work with partners to staff and execute your tasks, report data and billing information will not be visible until your partner verified the task.

If you staff your own tasks and verify them internally, report data will always be shown (even if they have yet to be completed).

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