How to Create an Invoice

Let's discuss how to make an invoice on PINATA

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Making invoices on PINATA is a simple and convenient way to have an exact record of the costs of gigs performed using PINATA.

Note, creating an invoice is an agency only feature.

Here are the steps for creating an invoice:

  1. Select Settings in the top right

  2. Select Invoices

  3. Select Create Invoice

  4. Select the client you wish to create an invoice for

  5. Select an existing billing contact & payable to contact or create a new one by selecting the plus sign

  6. Add any additional expenses. Note: you can add charges and refunds here. For example, if your agency has a $200 admin fee you can add that here as a charge. Alternatively, if a client has paid you $1,000 deposit you can add that as a refund to the invoice.

  7. Add the relevant gigs to this Invoice. Note: gigs can only be added to one invoice. If you make changes to the gig details AFTER finalizing/sending an invoice, only the values present at the time of finalization will be present.

  8. Once gigs are selected, access the invoice again by following steps 1 & 2

  9. Double-check the Invoice Details, Invoice Expenses and Gigs added are all correct. If you need to remove expenses or gigs select the red minus sign to delete them

  10. When you are ready to send your invoice, use the airplane icon to send it to your billing contact. Note: the Finalize button does not send your invoice. It internally finalizes the information you have entered within your team only. See the screenshot below.

Check out the video below where I show you how to follow all those steps:

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