How to View Billing Information

Let's discuss how to view the Billing information when verifying gigs!

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In this article, we'll dive deeper into the billing section with an individual gig. If you need to download gig receipts you can view more here.

To access the billing section, use the blue magnifying glass to open a gig. Then expand the "Billing" section that is below "Gig Attachments", as highlighted below.

Within the Billing section you'll be able to view bill rate information, entered gig expenses, and an accounting field if applicable. Note: if the staffing partner did not verify the entered information in the Billing section, it will not be visible to the client. You can see a preview below!

Bill Rate

You'll see 4 pieces of information here:

  • Client Hourly Rate - This is the pre-agreed upon rate between you and the client. You can also edit the rate for this specific gig if you need to.

  • Talent Hourly Rate - This is how much you'll pay your talent for this gig.

  • Hours - This is the gig duration.

  • Lastly, you'll see a summary of the costs which will show the total client cost and the total to be paid to the talent.


The expense section is where you'll see any requested expense(s) by the talent. You can also add expenses as needed. Here's how to do that:

  1. Select "Add another expense".

  2. Enter the final charge.

  3. Enter an amount to be paid to the talent (if applicable).

  4. Select how to classify the expense.

  5. Add a memo (if applicable).

  6. Upload a photo of the expense's receipt.

When deleting an expense, you can select the trashcan icon. Please note it will delete the whole expense so make sure you keep your receipt images.

Internal Accounting Memo

This section is an open text field that may be applicable to your PINATA subscription if you manage your own talent roster. In this field you can add notes for your accounting and finance team. Your notes will only be visible for Managers and above permissions within your organization. Your client organizations will not see what is entered in this field not your assigned GoGetter.

This field also auto-saves when you type! When you verify the gig, this field will populate in your finance reports in the Financials tab. This field cannot be edited once it is invoiced via PINATA's Invoicing tool.

Quick View

You can also quickly view billing information such as verified costs and invoicing information on the right side of the expanded gig. See the preview below!

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