How User Permissions are Defined

Let's discuss different permission levels on PINATA.

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In this article, we will cover PINATA's user permissions. Our different permissions control what users can see and which actions they can perform.


This permission has full PINATA access - they can view all programs & have full feature functionality. They can also change the permissions of any user or remove any user from their PINATA account.


Much like an Owner, an Administrator has access to all current and future programs (including those they themselves did not create), as well as all features and controls. Administrators can also change the permissions of any user, outside of Owners, and remove any user from their PINATA account.


A Manager is granted access to specific programs and can only view or edit what is visible to them. Any new program they create will only be visible to them as well as Administrators & Owners. Managers can edit/invite other users with the following permission level: Members and Talent. Managers have access to aggregated and financial reporting for the programs they have access to.


Members are users of your dashboard who do not have the ability to create new programs but can still book tasks on the programs to which they are given access. Members can only invite/edit Talent users. Members do not have access to financial reporting or invoice creation. 

Limited User

Limited Users can create gigs, track overall program progress, and view individual reports within Programs where they have been given access. They can not view most aggregated reporting, financials, or company settings. They are not able to invite or remove any team members.

GoGetters & Requesters

These users are complementary on any subscription. They log into the GoPortal ( where they can work on assigned tasks, generate requests (if given permission), or create their own tasks autonomously (if given permission). To learn more about GoPortal permission capabilities, click HERE.

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