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GoGetter: How to Resolve Issues at your Task
GoGetter: How to Resolve Issues at your Task

Let's discuss what to do if you are running into issues during your task.

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In this article, we will cover what to do if something at your task isn't right. Contact your employer if you experience any of the issues below:

  • Location manager was not aware of the task.

  • The location is closed or you can't find it.

  • You are running late or can't make the task.

If you are missing products or having trouble submitting your report, please follow the steps outlined below.

Missing Product?

If you get to a task and one of the products you are sampling isn't there, here a few things you should do. 

  1. Contact your employer to inform them that the product is missing. They may be able to offer an alternate product to sample instead of what was originally planned. They can update the task to reflect this as well.

  2. If that's not possible then you can note that a product wasn't available in your field report. You'll just click the toggle to do so. Here's where you can see how: 

Trouble submitting your report?

If you're having trouble entering information into your report, try the following: 

  1. Double-check that you successfully checked-in. 

  2. Try logging out and back in.

  3. Double-check your cell service or wifi.

  4. Still having trouble? Contact your employer or

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