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GoGetter: How to Find and Apply to Tasks
GoGetter: How to Find and Apply to Tasks

Let's discuss how to find and apply for tasks on PINATA!

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In this article, we will cover how to search for and find tasks on PINATA. First off, start by logging in here. Tasks are open to you based on your profile settings. To learn how to update your settings go here.

  1. Go to Open.

  2. You will see open tasks based on location settings on PINATA. You can also search for a task using keywords.

  3. Select the tasks within your results to view more information. More information can be viewed by selecting the blue arrow in the first listed section.

  4. After viewing all task details, you have the option to include an Application Message and then you can select "Apply to this task".

  5. Once you have applied, the task will appear in Applications. Your employer will review your application + may assign you. Only tasks that appear in your Work section are 100% assigned to you.

Pro-tip: If you are apart of multiple organizations, make sure the correct organization is selected in the top left of your view.

Take a look at the screenshots below for additional guidance!

You can also filter tasks by using the Search bar to look for keywords and locations by pressing the arrow icon on the right side. See screenshots below!

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