How to Manage your Locations

Let's discuss how you can save locations on PINATA.

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In this article, we will cover how you manage your PINATA account's saved locations.

We understand that you'll most likely be working at the same locations several times, that's why you're able to save them. This makes selecting them for gigs much easier.

To access your saved locations, follow these steps:

  1. Select Settings in the top right

  2. Select My Company

  3. Select Locations

  4. You can select the 'Add Location' to add new locations or search for existing locations to edit

  5. When entering the address please ensure that the address is a Google Validated Address and select the address from the dropdown. As seen here:

Pro-tip: Click the blue drop-down arrow to view saved location details and/or make any edits.

Check out the video below, where we demonstrate the following:

  1. Let's make a new saved location

  2. Oops that address name isn't what I wanted! Let's make an edit to that quickly.

  3. Let's create a gig search for our new location with the tag we made. 

Pro Tip: Be sure to tag your locations & give them unique IDs. It's a good way to group locations together. It also makes searching for them easier too!

Save a location during Gig creation

You can also quickly save a location whilst creating a gig! See below:

Select "Save It" and you'll be able to fill out any additional details for that location as normal.

Archiving a Location

Make sure you're completely done with a location before archiving it as there's no way to bring it back! You can see how to here:

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