In this article, we will cover how you manage your talent's profiles. You will only utilize this feature if you are managing your talent or a staffing agency on PINATA.

To navigate to your talent's profile:

  1. Click Settings in the top right

  2. Select My Company

  3. Click on the talent user's name

  4. Select Internal

  5. Select 'Edit Internal Info'

The Internal tab is a place that is only available to your management team - not visible to either the client (if you are a staffing agency) or the talent. Here you can add internal notes about your talent users, tag them, set a default hourly rate, or upload relevant documents (such as their tax forms, certifications, etc). The benefits of adding tags makes it easier when searching for talent to assign to a gig.

Check out the video below, where we demonstrate how to edit a talent profile. Here are the changes we'll make:

  1. Select our talent

  2. Set an hourly rate for them

  3. Set a tag on their profile as well

Setting Default Hourly Rate/ Marking as Salaried Employee

The Default Hourly Rate field is a helpful tool to see the agreed-upon rate with your talent. When you assign the talent their rate will show in the optional rate section on the gig. You can always edit or remove the rate if needed. 

We understand that some of your talent may not be paid hourly. In this case, you can simply toggle the switch under the Default Hourly Rate section to "N/A or salaried". This will eliminate the field from their internal notes as well as any gig they are assigned. 

You can turn it on or off from the internal tab as seen here: 

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