How to Cancel a Task

Let's discuss cancelling a task!

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In this article we'll cover how to cancel. You will need to make sure you note the cancellation reason + whether is will paid or not.

Whether or not a task paid is decided between the client and staffing partner. Cancelled tasks that will be paid are moved into the Finished section of the status bar. Unpaid cancelled tasks are moved to the trash.

Here are the steps to cancel a task:

  1. Click the magnifying glass to expand the task.

  2. Click the cancel symbol (🚫) in the top right.

  3. Select the cancellation reason.

  4. Enter a description if necessary.

  5. Select whether this will be Trash (Unpaid) or Payment Pending.

  6. Click cancel & close.

Upon cancellation, all task stakeholders will receive a cancellation notification as long as they are subscribed to PINATA notifications.

Check out the video below, where we demonstrate how to cancel a task on PINATA!

You can also cancel tasks quickly from the dashboard by clicking the 3 dots under the magnifying glass as seen here:

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