How to Verify or Edit a Task Report

Let's discuss how to verify & edit a task report!

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In this article, we will cover how to edit or verify a task report. Verifying a task is one of the final steps to completing a task and is required to ensure reliable reporting.

Each task requires a user to answer reporting questions. Once a report is completed it can be verified by the staffing organization. If a report is missing information or has incorrect information, you are able to send it back to the user to complete or make edits directly to the report yourself.

Here are the steps to verify a task:

  1. Click Verify Report under the Review status on your dashboard.

  2. Expand the task you wish to verify (click the blue magnifying glass on the right side of the task in your dashboard).

  3. Expand the Report section to review all report information.

  4. Expand the Billing section to review any user entered expenses. If needed, you can add additional expenses.

  5. On the right side of your view, select one of the 3 options available:

1. Verify - to accept the data and provide it to the client.

2. Return - to indicate missing report data.

3. Reject - to remove this report's data from reporting dashboards and cancel the task. Rejections are permanent. You will not be paid for this task, and the user will be automatically informed that they will not be paid.

Pro Tip: Be sure to write a message letting your user know why you're returning or rejecting a report to help them understand.

Check out the video below, where we demonstrate verifying, returning & rejecting a report!

Editing a Report

You can edit a task report on behalf of user before you verify it. Expand the Report section + click Edit. As shown here:

Viewing tasks that are not yet verified

If you work with partners to staff and execute your tasks, the report data will not be visible until your partner has verified the task.

If you staff your own tasks and verify them internally, report data will always be shown (even if they have yet to be completed).

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