In this article, we will cover how to verify a gig's report. Verifying a gig is one of the final steps to completing a gig and is crucial to ensure reliable reporting.

During each gig, the talent is required to answer reporting questions. Once a report is completed it's now ready to be verified.

If a report is missing information or has incorrect information, you are able to send it back to the talent to complete or make edits directly to the report yourself.

Here are the steps to verify a gig:

  1. Select the 'Verify Report' under the 'Review' section on your dashboard

  2. Select the gig you wish to verify

  3. Review all report information and ensure it is accurate

  4. Check the billing tab to review expenses as well. If needed, you can add additional expenses

  5. Select one of the 3 options available:

  • Verify the Report - This means you accept the information and are happy to provide it to the client

  • Return the report - This means that there may be some missing information or a clear outlier. For example, the talent handed out 150 samples but states they interacted with 3,000 customers. They may need to double-check that number.

  • Reject the report - Rejections are permanent. By rejecting a report, you’ll remove its data from reporting dashboards & the gig will be cancelled. You will not be paid for this gig, and the talent will be automatically informed that he or she will not be paid.

Pro Tip: Be sure to write a message letting your talent know why you're returning or rejecting a report to help them understand.

Check out the video below, where we demonstrate verifying, returning & rejecting a report:

Pro Tip: You can edit a field report before you verify if you see an obvious error or your talent informed you of an error. Select the "Report" dropdown button & then select "Edit". As shown here:

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