Need better insight into how your budget is being spent on PINATA? Include your budgets on your programs and you can easily track and measure your activity on PINATA against budgets that you have set up! Follow the steps below to input your budget on a program. 

  1. Log into your PINATA dashboard at
  2. Select an existing program to update the budget section or create a new program 
  3. On the Overview tab, you will see the program Overview section where you input all high-level program details.  
  4. In the overview section, you will see an (optional) Budget field where you can input your program's budget.  

Once you have input your program's budget, you can track all dollars spent within that program on your Financials tab! With this tool, you always have insight into how your budgets are spent on PINATA.

Need further assistance? Reach out to our support team at 

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