Are you creating and managing gigs that you then need to assign yourself to complete?  Awesome - you've come to the right place for a "How to". Follow the steps below to assign yourself to gigs that you created.

  1. Log into your PINATA dashboard,, where you will create and manage all your gigs.
  2. On the top right-hand corner, hit 'Create Gig'
  3. Fill out all necessary information (date, time, location, products etc) and hit 'save' in the bottom right corner. Once you hit save you will see options for next steps. Be sure to 'Continue to Assign' when booking yourself! 
  4. Once you hit 'Continue to Assignment' a new screen will pop up in which you can assign yourself to the gig. Click the blue pencil to edit the assignment. 
  5. Find your name in the team roster and click "Assign and Close" or "Save"

If you need to assign yourself to multiple gigs you can find out how here!

Once you're assigned, you will receive a notification 24 hours prior to the event, as well as a text message 30 minutes prior to the event, prompting you to check in, and complete your report!
If you need to edit your gig, please see this article, here.

Screenshots of the process below!

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