In this article, we will cover the availability calendar, a great way of checking when the talent on your team is available to work gigs. Your Talent have the option to input their location and any days they are unavailable to work on their Talent profile. 

Once they have updated their location and availability, you can access this information while assigning Talent to gigs or on your Calendar tab to view at a high level. 

Please note: Until your Talent updates their availability preferences on their Talent profile they will default to available. 

Calendar View: 

Found under your Calendar tab. If you have access to the Calendar feature you will see a toggle to turn it on/ off in the top right hand corner. 

Each day has a team member tile with the number of available team member on that specific day. You can click that tile to see a list of all those available, conflicts, and unavailable. 

Available - Team members that have not blocked this day off in their GoGetter Profile. 

Assigned - Team members that are assigned to a gig on that day.

Unavailable - Team members that have marked this day as unavailable in their GoGetter Profile.  

Location - Shows the location as set in their location preferences in their GoGetter profile. 

Please note: This feature can only be enabled by a PINATA admin. If you don't see this feature, please reach out to for more information.

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