The FINISHED status shows gigs that have gone through the entire Active workflow and are now ready to be invoiced (pending) or invoiced. 

By default, gigs that have been 'Verified' in the prior step of REVIEW will move to Pending - Verified. If PINATA support marked any of your cancelled gigs as payable, they will also be listed as Pending - Cancelled.

If you are a brand user, in order to move a gig from Pending to Invoiced, you must first choose to mark it as 'Authorize Payment'. This will move your gig to the Invoiced section.

As a brand user, if you will not pay for this gig, then hit "Will Not Pay". This will move the gig to the Trash.

NOTE: For full-service customers utilizing PINATA management and concierge services, we handle all of your billing for you. You won't take any actions here but will still see the status of your invoices once we process them!

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