There are 2 primary ways of editing a gig - either in the table itself or from within the Gig Details modal.

Editing Inline from the Table

You can now edit any part of the gig by hovering over an individual field within a row. Once the blue pencil appears, simply click and you can edit the contents of that field specifically. Hit save and the change is made!

You can edit the gig Date (start time, end time, or day), Location (name and address), Contact (by default who created the gig, but can be anyone else on your team), Details (products are editable, program cannot be changed once the gig is created), Talent (which agency is assigned or the talent assigned - depending if you are a traditional client or talent managing organization). 

Here's a helpful gif to show you:

Editing from within Gig Details

When you click on an individual gig from the table view, you will see a lot more information about the gig. You'll see all the same fields as the table, as well as a few more additional details. Almost all of these fields are editable, except for those listed under the Role or any other item that comes directly from your program request overview.  HERE is a deeper dive into what you can edit on an existing gig!

(In order from top left)

Status [NOT EDITABLE] - The top bar contains the gig's status and sub-status, and is color coded to match with the primary status bar on the Gigs tab. We also show you how recently the gig occurred or will occur if a date is present.

Details [EDITABLE] - At the top of the gig beneath the status bar, you will find the program and gig details. This section includes the Program Name (Beauty Demo Program Pro, above), Gig Title (Sephora above, which is typically the location name), Products (Beauty Product 1, 2, 3, etc. in blue pill form), Expense policy (if applicable), Gig Details (if applicable), and Agency Guidance (if applicable).

  • Note: Program Name is editable only under Overview

Date [EDITABLE] : Shows start & end time as well as the date 

Location [EDITABLE]: Shows location name and address of the gig, as well as city/state

Talent Company [EDITABLE - if you're the client]: Shows which company is responsible for managing the talent (typically your own if self-managed, or the agency if you’re working with one)

Assigned Talent [EDITABLE - if you're the talent manager]: Shows the name of the talent assigned to the gig (or not assigned, if no one has yet)

Role [CHOOSABLE; ONLY EDITABLE FROM PROGRAM]: Shows the name of role used on the gig, bill rate, attire, and any other role-related information.

Report [NOT EDITABLE]: Shows the report that will (or has been) asked. If the gig has not yet started, you will see no information entered. Once the report has been completed and verified, all report answers will be shown here.

Owner [EDITABLE]: Shows the owner/contact for the gig.

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