Introducing the calendar view! You can now see all of your gigs in the calendar month at a glance by their gig status. 

By default, we will show the current month but feel free to click "Previous Month, Next Month, Today, or Jump To..." to find the month that suits your needs.

Today's date will be highlighted with a pink tab.

Click on the plus+magnifying glass icon to view details about gigs on any specific day.

If you click the pointed star icon, it will create a new gig on that specific day.

You can also click on any individual group, such as "Review 1" to view just the gigs that match that status on that day.

Note, when you click to filter on a specific day, we will redirect you to your Gigs tab and filter specifically to that day's gigs.


You can filter your Calendar view of gigs in the same way you filter the Gigs tab itself. This is particularly helpful if you need to sort by gigs worked this month by specific individuals or that sampled certain products. Those filters include the following options: Status, Location, Contact (who created/owns the gig), Details (programs, products), Talent (who manages the talent or specific assigned talent). Apply as many as you want and feel free to mix and match!

Finally, hitting "Download" here will download a CSV of the gigs that match your current view.

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