How to Edit Gigs in the Dashboard

Let's discuss how to quickly edit gigs!

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In this article, we'll explain the ins and outs of the gigs table within the gigs tab. The gigs table is a powerful view of every gig you have that matches your filter criteria above. Similar to Excel, you can sort and filter each column by its header. You can also edit the details of any individual cell as you see fit. Let's dive into that more:


You can edit any part of the gig by hovering over an individual field within a row. Once the blue pencil appears, simply click and you can edit the contents of that field specifically. Hit save and the change is made!

Here's a helpful gif to show you:

Pro Tip: PINATA helps you prevent double-booking whenever you assign someone to a task. If they’re working on another one that overlaps the same time, you’ll see a note ‘Talent is not available at this time’ when you try to assign. NOTE: If you change the time of the task when someone is already assigned and you want to check for conflicts again, you must re-assign the same user and press save.


Want to view more details about a gig? Simply click on the magnifying glass symbol on any row to view the full gig details. 

You can also take quick actions by hitting the [...] symbol.

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