Your Gigs tab is your home base and the central point from where you can manage all of your gigs. The easy to use table interface is familiar, but under the hood we’ve packed tons of powerful features!


Status Bar: Active

The gig status bar at the top starts off by showing you all ACTIVE gig statuses, including: 

  • Draft (needs approval or agency assignment, if applicable) 
  • Upcoming (future gigs) 
  • Live (today’s gigs) 
  • Review (recently completed gigs). 
  • Beneath each group status you will see a variety of individual sub-status items, such as Approve Request, Staff Talent, or Verify Report. These labels differ slightly based on who you are (see screenshots). Priority items are those that require your immediate attention and are highlighted in red. Click on any status to filter the gigs table below to view only those gigs that match!

Client View (you are a program creator/owner and work with an agency):

Agency/Solo Client View (you manage and staff your own talent on gigs):

The next thing you’ll notice is a number of gigs that match your filters. This lets you know how many gigs appear in the table with the current filters applied. Those filters appear in green pills and are detailed below.

Status Bar: Finished

Once you click into Finished gigs, you will find a two primary states: Pending and Invoiced.

  • Pending: These are Verified or Cancelled gigs that should be paid. You can review each gig in more detail and 'Mark as Paid' or 'Will Not Pay'. Anything marked as paid will move to the next section of 'Paid'. If you hit will not pay, the gig will be moved to the Trash.
  • Invoiced: These are verified and cancelled gigs that have been marked as paid. They will appear in your financial reports tab.

Note: If you are a client/agency combination using PINATA full service management, this section has no action required from you. When PINATA invoices each month, we will mark as 'Invoiced' the gigs for the prior month.


Download - The download button will download as CSV of all your gigs that match your current view. This means, if you've filtered by certain dates or status labels for example, the gigs shown in your table results on the page will be the same as those downloaded.

Edit Filters - This green button mimics all of the filters available at the top of your gigs table. We'll dive into those below.


You can filter every column as desired by clicking the column header. Once a header is green, this means a filter is applied. All filters that you apply will be listed above the status bar as green pills/bubbles so it's easy to see what you're filtering. If you want to remove a single filter, you can also hit the "x" icon inside any green filter pill.

Status: Filter options for gig states. To learn more about each gig state, click here.

Date: Choose a custom range, or by month(s). You can also optionally choose to include gigs without dates by toggling the green slider next to Apply.

Location: You can search keyword (such as all locations containing the words “Whole Foods”), use locations to select one or many of your saved locations, a radius search from a geographic location, or select specific states.

Contact: Use the contact filter to find gigs from different members of your team. Note, by default, the gig creator is the owner (though that can be changed after a gig is created). You can also search by company which filters contacts by company. This is particularly useful for agencies or distributors to sort results by specific organizations who have created programs or gigs.

Details: You can select one or many programs, or select one or many products to see which gigs contain those products. NOTE: This program filter is similar to the top-level program filter at the top of the page. If you’re looking for archived programs, please select them from the top instead of this filter.

Talent: This filter allows you to search for gigs by assigned Talent, Role Assigned to Talent or Company (such as the agency responsible for the gig). Note, this Company filter will show only those companies who are responsible for staffing talent.

Clearing Filters

You can click the “x” arrow to the right to clear that specific filter at any time. If you want to clear all filters, simply click “Reset All” above or the large “x” on the far right of the headers. It will highlight red when you click it.

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