Booking a gig is simple! Simply log into your account at to get started and follow the steps below:

Click on Create Gigs in the upper right corner of the dashboard

You will see this:

  1.  Program - Select which program you want to book this gig(s)
  2. Title/Details - Title for your gig and any special instructions or gig details. Please note this will be visible to the talent
  3. Date - Input both Date and Start/End Time (or optionally leave blank for now). Please note: you have to include both Date AND Start/End Time if either are entered.
  4. Location - Select the location of your gig. If you have created Custom/Saved Locations in PINATA, those locations will appear first. 
  5. Product - Select the Products for this gig. You must select at least one but products can be edited at any time.
  6. Talent - Select a role for this program. The role will determine the type of reporting questions that will be asked for this gig. 
  7. Additional Details - Enter any details for your Agency (not visible to Talent) and any expense details (visible to Talent). Please note: The Agency guidance section will not appear if you are not working with an agency on your program. 
  8. Documents - Attach any additional documents that are gig specific at the bottom.
    (Examples: Event run of show, parking instructions, trade show floor plans. Learn more HERE.) 
  9. Assign an Agency - If you have multiple agency partners executing on one program you can assign them directly! If you only have one it will default to that agency. Please note: this section will not be visible to companies not working with agencies. 
  10. My Company Contact (Owner) - Assign a contact from your company that is managing the gig. PINATA defaults to the creator of the gig as the contact, but you can change it to any team member with access to the program. Please note: You can see who created and who is the contact separately when viewing an existing gig under Gig Details.
  11. Creating many Gigs - Create multiple copies of the gig you are creating if you choose. 

(Please note: products, location and date/time are required to assign a gig. You can hand off gigs missing this information and you will see it under finalized details

Select 'Save New Gig' and you will have multiple options pop up: 

  • Submit for approval (if applicable) 
  • Send the gig to your agency partner to staff (if applicable)
  • Assign Talent (if you are managing the assignment of talent)
  • Create another new gig
  • Duplicate the newly created gig 
  • Return to the gigs table

(Please note most programs tied to agency partners have a default 72 hour time minimum notice for creating new gigs unless otherwise specified.)

You can see the status of your gig (and who's assigned) in the Calendar or Gigs tabs.

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