Welcome to PINATA! Here is a quick start guide for Talent.

Need to set up a PINATA account? 

Look out for an invite from your manager to join PINATA! Once you receive an invite email, you’ll be directed to the PINATA site to set up your password and profile information. If you haven’t received an invitation yet, please ask your manager to invite you!

You will receive notifications regarding your bookings, to the email and phone number provided in your profile. https://gogetter.gopinata.com will be your go-to site to see all of your upcoming gigs, it will also give you access to all of your reporting links. 

Pro tips: 

Add a great profile photo that represents you and your personality. This is a sure-fire way to stand out!

Update your profile information with the latest and greatest info about you, including things like description, address, birthday, and important documents or certifications.

On the image below, you’ll see an example of how it might look to your manager when completed.

Need help navigating the site? Here are terms you will see on PINATA

Find Gigs - You can apply to gigs posted by your agency or company from this tab by selecting them from the dropdown. You can also choose to filter your results by location.

My Gigs - Access all of your upcoming gigs + gig details. You can manage your gigs from this tab and ensure you stay on top of all gig details! You can see Confirmed, Applied, and Past gigs her

Profile - You can edit your profile information from this tab.

Assigned a gig - What to expect?

  • Once you are assigned a gig, you will receive a notification by email. Click into the gig itself to see all details or visit the Talent portal.
  • From there, navigate to MY GIGS and view any upcoming gigs that you are assigned on under “Confirmed.” If you don’t see your gig listed, please contact your manager.
  • 30 minutes before the gig start time, you will be emailed a notification as a reminder which will contain all the details and questions you will be asked. You’ll also receive another text reminder a few minutes prior to your gig to check-in.
  • NOTE: You can still check in directly on your web portal by clicking “Check In Now” under My Gigs>Confirmed by visiting gogetter.gopinata.com. 
  • Once you check-in, you will have the ability to complete your report and then check-out when the gig is over. Click here to learn more about checking in and reporting. 
  • If needed, once the gig is over, you can edit your report. You will also receive a reminder email to complete your report if you were not able to finish it during the gig. Moreover, you may receive a “Returned” report if your manager wants to you make more edits. 
  • See the next page for some sample screenshots and Pro Tips!

How It Works (Sample Screens)

  • Save all images and answers to your phone in case you have any connectivity issues on-site. We do our best to save but it never hurts to have a backup in case!
  • We try to save everything as you go… so if it’s green, you’re good! If the green circle is incomplete, that means you’ve missed a question. 
  • Check-in with on-site staff and let them know you will be reporting on your phone and taking pictures, as some locations might not realize what you’re doing.
  • Don’t let PINATA distract from you executing your gig - you can always complete your report even after the gig is finished. 

Need More Help?

Our Help Center is also a helpful resource for common FAQs, how-to’s, gifs and screenshots. Check it out by visiting https://help.gopinata.com/gogetters 

If you ever have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the PINATA Support Team at support@gopinata.com. Good luck!

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