Some gigs require approval from a manager before handing off for staffing.

As gigs get booked by Members of your organization, Managers will have the option to approve, decline, or ask for more information on individual gigs. 

When a gig is submitted you will get an email notification with the top line details

You can click the link in this email and it will pull up the gig in question to be approved (Yes), denied (No), or to get more information (TBD). In this view, you can also see all of the gig details, or add a message to the submitter.

If No is selected: the gig will be cancelled.
If Yes is selected: the gig will be handed off.
If TBD is selected: the submitter can make changes that you have noted in the message section before submitting again for approval.

You can also jump into your dashboard and review the gigs under My drafts. 

Once approving the gig, you must click the handoff icon, shown in the image below to publish the gig. 

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