How to Submit Tasks For Approval

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In this article, we're going to cover how to submit tasks for approval on PINATA. This is only relevant if your organization has opted to turn approvals on. If they have not turned it on this article will not be relevant to you.

Here are the steps to submit a task for approval:

  1. Click Create in the status bar.

  2. Fill out all the task details.

  3. Select Request Approval once the task has been filled out.

  4. Once submitted, the task status will move into Awaiting Approval until your employer reviews it.

An email will be sent to your employer/manager to review the task. Managers will have the below options. You will get an email when they select any of the options.

  1. If No is selected: the task will be cancelled.

  2. If Yes is selected: the task is approved and a GoGetter can be assigned.

  3. If TBD is selected: you will be instructed to provide more details before the task is approved.

To turn approvals on for a program, you can follow these steps:

  1. Select the Program from the Program dropdown

  2. Select the Overview Tab

  3. Scroll down to the Team section and select the Blue Pencil icon

  4. Toggle approvals on

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