Saved locations make it easy to create new gigs, share location-specific information, ensure accuracy of location selection, and sync reporting data with your internal databases. When you book a gig, you will be able to quickly find any of your saved locations at your fingertips.

Your saved locations include various fields such as a custom name, an internal ID#, contact information, and additional notes linked to a specific location.

Note: saved locations are entirely optional. You can continue to use locations without saving them. It's up to you!


During Book A Gig

When you hit BOOK A GIG, start with Search for a Location. From here, you can simply start searching for any location (powered by GoogleMaps) by typing a combination of name/address/city/state/etc. and select one. At this point, you can still book a gig without saving OR save this location to be used again in the future by hitting SAVE THIS LOCATION.

On the next screen, you will see your previously selected location in green. You can now start to customize this location and enter in a custom name, ID#, tags, contact information, scheduling notes, products available, and more. All of these fields other than name are optional. If you don't change the name, it will default to the suggested name.



You can also manage, edit, or create saved locations from MY COMPANY under LOCATIONS (found in your Settings dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner of the screen). Simply expand the collapsed arrow to show more details and options.

Please note: You will be alerted if you are trying to save a location that is already saved under a different name. It will provide a link to view/edit the existing location. 


When booking a gig, if you have any saved locations a list of those locations will appear first by default. You can search by custom name, the ID#, address or the assigned tag you created. Once you find the saved location you are looking for, hit SELECT to choose that location. If you need to find a new location that is not in your Saved Locations, simply click Find New.

NOTE: If you hand off a custom location gig to your agency or a GoGetter, they too will see the name as it is written. This keeps everyone on the same page and using the same language!

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