On the GoGetter profile modal you see on PINATA, there are 3 tabs: Profile, Contact, and Internal. Let's talk about each one.


GoGetters fill out a variety of information on their profile when they sign up for PINATA. While many of these fields are optional, you should encourage your GoGetters to fill out this information so it's easy for you to view and manage!

These are the fields your GoGetters upload themselves:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Self Summary
  • Shirt Size
  • Areas willing to work
  • Driving ability and car
  • Address
  • Birthday
  • Profile photos
  • Attached documents (for example, certifications)

On PINATA, you will see all of this information listed under "Profile." Note, this information can only be changed by the GoGetter themselves for privacy reasons. Moreover, you can only see this information for GoGetters on your roster.


Here you will find full name, email, and phone number. This is similarly private to you and not visible by your clients.


The Internal tab is a place that is private only to your organization and is not visible to either the client or the GoGetter. Here you can add internal notes about your GoGetter, tag them, set a default hourly rate, or upload documents related to them (such as their tax forms with your company).

A Note About Tags

Tags are great way to organize your team! You can create as many tags as you like and assign them to any GoGetter. This is particularly helpful when you are assigning gigs later, as you can search by any of these tags.

Here's how that looks:

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