Unfortunately no, there is no way to adjust your check in and check out times. PINATA uses this information to provide accurate details and provide a consistent report. However, your schedule hours and billing detail should be unaffected.

If you simply forgot to check in or had some service/technical issues, please let your manager know. This will help ensure you're both on the same page!

How does PINATA track your hours and payment?

PINATA tracks payment/hours worked based on the scheduled duration (as opposed to the actual checkin/out times). Your actual check-in/out times are provided to your manager as a tracking tool and reference point, but it does not change the scheduled start/end which are reflected as the billing duration times. Your manager does not need to change anything, as their billing report will be based on the scheduled shift. 

If you need your scheduled event time edited or updated, please reach out to your manager. Your manager has the ability to edit your scheduled hours.

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