PINATA’s next-generation analytics solution sets a new standard for collecting and analyzing experiential marketing data.  

Consistent with PINATA’s mission to power the experiential marketing industry, this major release will deliver more efficient and more successful campaigns, thanks to new and improved functionality for all users of the PINATA platform.

Dashboards are now optimized by different business metrics allowing you to dive deeper into the insights you care most about! These tabs will appear dynamically based on the report questions used in your PINATA roles. Let’s learn a bit more about them.

Overview: An overview of all logistical items for gigs including role breakdown, gig details (date, time, location), and products.

Sales: Dive deeper into any Off-Premise or Retail Sampler gigs and see your totals for units sold, units sampled, and conversion rates.
: Dive deeper into any On-Premise or Event gigs and see your totals for units sampled.

Pricing: Compare and contrast pricing across your product line, including average, min and max prices.

Photos: See all uploaded photos in one place! Select those you would like to download to your computer in a zip file.

Feedback: Read through all collected consumer feedback

Time: See average hourly metrics (interactions, sampled, sold) broken out by time of day and day of the week to get insights into what types of gigs are giving you the best ROI.

Data: Download all your raw field reporting data as a CSV to utilize offline.

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